Natural Hair: Hair Weaves and Wigs

What do you do when you experience a bad hair day. I reach for my favorite wig. One day I place a wig on my head and went out of the house without blending my leave out.  I received a lot of strange looks while I was out running errands when I returned home and looked in the mirror I notice I had trouble blending my natural hair with this wig. I perfected my technique now I wanted to share with the world, how I mastered blending my natural hair with weaves and wigs. I learned how to care for my natural hair by visiting many natural hair websites.




NEW L’Oreal Pro-Glow Foundation in Cocoa & Elf Concealer: First Impressions

I’m trying out some new products that I picked up! As always, I’m just giving my honest opinions, everyone has a different experience with products. Here’s my thoughts on this new L’Oreal glow foundation and I try the Elf concealer!

My Top 5 Makeup Guru’s on YouTube with Awesome Makeup Tutorials.

1. Carli Bybel



Current Subscribers: 4M+

Most Viewed Video: Makeup Mistakes To Avoid + Tips for a Flawless Face (9M+ Views)

Carli Bybel’s channel gives you a mix of fashion, beauty, fitness, hair tutorials, and vlogs. It also offers some celebrity inspired looks, lifestyle tips and cool challenges whenever she feels like it.

2. Jaclyn Hill


Current Subscribers: 3M+

Most Viewed Video: Husband Does My Makeup Tag (2M+ views)

Jaclyn Hill’s channel according to her is about makeup tutorials and reviews. Jaclyn has celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners. She also do fun tags and challenges for her viewers.

3. Makeup Greek


Current Subscribers: 1M+

Most Viewed Video: 5 Makeup Products You Don’t Have But Should (440,000+views)

Makeup Geek’s channel is about teaching techniques on enhancing ones own natural beauty and help you step out of your comfort zone.


4. Patricia Bright



Current Subscribers: 890,000+

Most Viewed Video: My Body Routine | Vagina Waxing Horror Story ( 1M+ views)

Patricia Bright’s channel is all about beauty, fashion, and hair. She helps her viewers  with all of their fashion and beauty needs. Patricia also gives amazing advice on her channel.

5. Julia Graf


Current Subscribers: 805,000+

Most Viewed Videos: 6 Smoothie Recipes in 6 mintues (450,000+ views)

Julia Graf’s channel you will find make tutorials, celebrity looks, holiday makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews, fitness and much more.

These are the ladies that I enjoy watching when I’m learning this about beauty. Whos your favorite youtube beauty guru?






MAC Lipstick Collection for Dark Skin As Well As Others.

Check out my MAC lipstick collection that goes well with my dark skin as well as other skin complexions!

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I’m so excited to be presenting my MAC lipstick collection with lip swatches.
I put a lot of time and hard work on it so I hope you enjoy. What’s your favorite MAC lipstick?

MAC lipstick shades:

If not LE can be found @

Exclusive Event – Satin
Cocu-Nutty – Frost
High Tea – Lustre
Soft Sable – Frost
You’ve Got It -Frost
Flair For Finery – Lustre
Touch – Lustre
Velvet Teddy – Matte
Angel – Frost
Viva Glam Nicki (LE) – Satin
Nude – Matte
Kinda Sexy – Matte
Snob – Satin
Please Me – Matte
Syrup – Lustre
Capricious – Lustre
Creme In Your Coffee – Cremesheen
Plumful – Lustre
New York Apple – Frost
Brick- O- La – Amplified
Amorous – Satin
Private Party – Satin
Relentlessly Red – Matte
Viva Glam III – Matte
Candy Yum Yum – Matte
Craving – Amplified
Fixed On Drama – Matte
Heroine – Matte
Violetta – Amplified
All Fired Up – Matte
Girl About Town – Amplified
Party Line – Cremesheen
Rebel – Satin
Up the Amp – Amplified Creme
Hang up – Cremesheen
Media – Satin
Instigator – Matte
Cyber – Satin
Chili – Matte
Russian Red – Matte
Viva Glam Gaga (LE) – Lustre
RiRi Woo – Retro Matte
Ruby Woo – Retro Matte (favorite has 3 tubes not in video)
Diva – Matte
Viva Glam 1 – Matte
Prepare For Pleasure – Cremesheen
Flat Out Fabulous – Matte
Girl About Town – Amplified