How To Save Money in COLLEGE?

New college students might not know it is ways to save money while in college. When I first entered college I did not understand the importance of saving money because it wasn’t discussed in my household. Some households never discussed saving money because there wasn’t enough money after paying the bills to save. I created a video addressing some ways students can save money while in college. Check out my video for 5 more ways to saving money while in college.

1. Rent textbooks if possible
2. Work for employee discounts
3. Eat free on campus
4. Don’t be a taxi driver to others if you have your own car
5. Skip credit cards

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Fast Easy Money In this video I talk about 10 ways to make money fast. I have tried some of these ways out myself. I know everyone wants to know 10 ways to make money fast, right? I love sharing ways to make money fast. When you can make extra cash you can pay down your debts even faster. These are some of the ways you can make money fast:

1.Online Surveys: or
2. Writing or selling papers.
3. Baby-sitting.
4. House-sitting.
5. Sell items on Ebay and other sites.
6. Rent out a room in your house.
7. Crafty make items to sell on Etsy
8. Check out:
9. Wash cars
10. Tutor

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