Dark Days Are Coming

When approached by Dark Days and we want to give up on life because we no longer believe life is worth living, where do we turn? If we turn to God we sometimes ask GOD why me? Why not, you? Dark days affects us all but the question is what will you do when we’re face with dark days? Dark days can be losing a job or loved one, ending a relationship, divorce,  comparing yourself to others, trying to please everyone but yourself,  surrounded by negative people, seeking out quick life fixes, and much more. What makes our dark days turn into light years?

The things that help me to deal with my Dark Days:

  1. Praying to GOD
  2. Meditation
  3. Surrounding myself with positive people
  4. Reflection
  5. Stop comparing myself to others
  6. Reading motivation books
  7. Crying
  8. Taking responsibility for my DARK DAYS
  9. Worship service
  10. Laughter not taking life so serious

Great Motivational Books:


Addiction: Where Do You Stand?

Have you ever been addicted to food, clothes, sex, or working out? Addiction is a disease and some can not shake it on their own! Addiction is a disorder that results in uncontrollable behaviors.  Several people ingest alcohol, nicotine or cocaine. The next group of people engages in activities like gambling, sex, and shopping. You have a group that compulsively work out as well as clean. Which addiction do you have? Read this article to get a better understanding of addiction. What are you addicted to?

I’m addicted to:



How To Save Money in COLLEGE?

New college students might not know it is ways to save money while in college. When I first entered college I did not understand the importance of saving money because it wasn’t discussed in my household. Some households never discussed saving money because there wasn’t enough money after paying the bills to save. I created a video addressing some ways students can save money while in college. Check out my video for 5 more ways to saving money while in college.

1. Rent textbooks if possible
2. Work for employee discounts
3. Eat free on campus
4. Don’t be a taxi driver to others if you have your own car
5. Skip credit cards

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Who will be the next President of the United States? Trump or Clinton!

If you feel like this: I don’t even want to vote because both candidates are not worth it:

A lot of Americans feel the same way as the above statement. As years go will we ever see Presidents like Eisenhower, Monroe, Lincoln, and others, probably not? This is the scenario I give people that I have a conversation with regarding this topic: if you had a business, you have to hire someone because you’re doing all the work yourself and your family was suffering because you checked out mentally and emotionally. You need to hire someone before you lose your family. You have 3 candidates and one you really like but that person already accepted another position. That leaves you with two, you have your family really needing you so you have to do something. You have two options: A, do nothing and lose your family or B, pick the best out of the two because you don’t have time to start over. Please vote this November.

Days You Wake Up Exhausted: Are You Misunderstood?

There are a lot of people in the world today that are misunderstood because they consume more than two cups a coffee a day, right. Are you quick to judge a coffee drinker? What’s your take on coffee? Does coffee really help with increasing your energy level? Does coffee help you get through your day?

I attended Anthony Hamilton, Fantasia and Maxwell concert on last night. When I woke up this morning I felt like I had a hangover but I didn’t drink anything. I went into my kitchen, turned on my trusted Keurig and make me a cup of coffee. The one cup of coffee give me the energy I needed to make this post and I’m feeling good right now, does that make since.

What affects does coffee have on your body?

The Best Keurig

Are You At Risk? Breast Cancer Awareness

My friend lost her mom to breast cancer. She fought this disease four times during her 66 years here on earth. As a Family Nurse Practitioner. I feel that it’s important for me to share my knowledge on my platform regarding this deadly disease. Is there a cure for Breast Cancer? Can we truly prevent Breast Cancer? There are somethings we can do to decrease our risk for breast cancer like eating a high protein diet, physical activity, limit alcohol intake, no tobacco use, and a few other things that we could do to decrease our risk of developing breast cancer.

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Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. There are several risk factors related to heart disease that includes hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, family history and obesity.The two groups at high risks of developing heart disease are women and African Americans.

AHA 2020 health goals are:
1. Total cholesterol is <200
2. Lean body mass
3. Blood Pressure <120/80 (untreated)
4. Fasting glucose <100 mg/dl
5. Abstinence from smoking
6. Physical Activity
7. Healthy Diet

Did you have any risk factors? If so get screened if you are 20 years old or older.